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Commissioned Work

Personal Work

The Moving Image






'Henry Carter and The Divisive Moment' - the importance of metadata and the integrity of history.

'Colonialism and Visual Culure' - historical revisionism and the world of art.

'Heartland' - Gus Wylie and his documentary photography work in the Highlands & Islands of Scotland.







'The Landscape of Emotion' - Henry Iddon's 'epic' photography project on sites of mountain misadventure.

'Screams, Smiles and Sefies' - what can we read into the photographs taken by others?

'Do you see it, understand it? (The mysterious perversion of photography)' - how photography is evolving and where it is leading us.

'Unboxing Appalachia' - a review of Roger May's book about his home - Appalachia.

'Fact, Fiction and Manipulation' - prostitution and child abuse: fiction masquerading as fact, fact wrapped up as fiction; photography doing what it does best.

'Instagram, Women, Shaving & Censorship' - racism, misogyny, violence and the strange morality of social media sites.

'The Economy of Ignorance' - on whether wealthy rock bands should pay photographers for use of their work.

'Free Thinking' - Creative Commons masquerade as Emperor and demand money for new clothes.

'The Beauty of Darkness' - coming out of the light into the night opens my eyes.

'The Art of The Boatman' - Jackson Pollock and the sea.

'Time, The Space Between' - on the wisdom of waiting.

'Pliability' - on finding beauty in rubbish.

'Cameras, Communication & The Intimacy of a Moment' - being close to people, and the rewards from waiting.

'It's All In The Edit 1' - to delete in camera in the field or not.

'It's All In The Edit 2' - the rewards from waiting to edit on a big screen.

'Cameras, They Steal Your Soul, So They Do' - the perils of photographing strangers.

'Shooting From The Hip' - Instagram, murder, glorious light & Shakespeare.

'Photography, Luck and The Value of Observation' - making pictures, not just taking them.

'Metadata Time & The Story of Our Pasts' - tracing the history of family through photographs.

'Phenomenon Non Non Non' - the worlds most expensive piece of environmental vandalism (maybe).

'Hidden Stories, Unknown Lives' - photography touching people.

'WPP And the Law of Unintended Consequences' - some thoughts on photogrpahy competitions and image manipulation.

'Its Only A Story' - training in multimedia, and telling stories.

'Trust And Why It Matters' - unexpected generosity on a small Hebridean island.