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Commissioned Work

Personal Work

The Moving Image






'It was September' - personal reflection on a global event that, for a moment, linked two small islands thousands of miles apart.

'Lost Lives' - about an island, failed dreams, decay and the ever-present effect of the sea.

'The Story of a House' - greed, hospitality and the closing of the circles of two intersecting lives, all revealed within the story of a house.

'Metamorphosis' - my son and a butterfly







'Living With a Tiger' - my dad, mental illness and our need to talk about issues of mental health.

'The Final Cut' - my youth, learning about craftsmanship.

'Telling Tales in The Playground' - the meeting between a sad young man and a happy child provides an insight into loss, and change.

'The Knots That Bind Us' - death, religion and tribalism.

'The Art of Travel' - an overheard conversation on Mallaig pier.

'Hitler, Islands & a Story' - a tale from a small Scottish island that punches well above its weight.

'Pilgrimage' - a delightful chance encounter on Mull.

'I can't show you how lovely she looks' - first of a multi-part story written in 'real time' recording the events surrounding the collapse of my partner when her heart stopped in the street outside her place of work.

'I want To Say Thank You' - Part two, the generosity of strangers.

'The Power of Photography' - Part three. How photography may help us all cope.

'Sadness, Confusion and a Wig' - Part four. Even in the Intensive Care Unit there are laughs.

'The Fog of Sorrow' - Part five. A small boy in tears, and the reason why.

'What it Takes to Save a Life' - Part six. Time passing. Tick tick tick.....

'The Decisive Moment' - meeting a stranger and taking risk reverberates down through the years. This is in several parts, the others follow.

'The Gift of A Story' - I track down a relative of the stranger I met.

'Why Telling Stories Matters' - a connection with the past reveals itself in the strangest of ways.

'Chance Encounters & The Life of A Story' - coincidental meetings and a story beguns and weaves its way through time.

'Burning Books' - a death reveals more than a story within the pages of some books.

'Writing on Wall' - a moment of shared humour in the last hours of my dad's life.