John MacPherson Photography

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Commissioned Work

Personal Work

The Moving Image






'Only Shoot The Crazy Ones, Wave at The Others' - a tale of grenades, mines, Uzi machine guns and a young man with very sweaty palms.

'Cut Away All the Bits That Don't Look Like a Fish' - an elderly craftsman makes a profound impact on an interviewer.

'What a Web we Weave' - a nocturnal tale.

'Supermarket' - run-ins with security in my local supermarket.







'Where's the Effing Bear Man?' - the delights of being a phtotography guide in foreign countries.

'To Infinity and Beyond' - teaching a small boy about space travel.

'Prestidigitation' - the Fun Fair comes to town.

'Do You Know Who I Am?' - exam time fun.

'Half A Story' - my dad, a small boat, a big boat and a penknife.

'Curiosity' - space, exploration, science, religion and a Mars Bar.

'The Dance of The Sewer Trout' - an unexpected and unwelcome encounter in a swimming pool.

'Serendipity' - chance encounters.

'Would You Like a Smoke?' - a remote mountain side, midges and a clever repellent.

'Battlefield' - a small boy learns history and delivers a humorous solution to conflict.

'Water Magic' - a glorious combination of light, water and sand.