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'Inside The Fort' is an award-winning photographic project I devised whilst working in Social Work Disability Services. Click to view.

'See Me, Hear Me' is a photography-based wooden sculpture exploring the theme of deaf-blindness. Click to view.

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'Milton Community Woodland' I was asked by Scottish Natural Heritage to run a photography workshop in Milton woods as part of International Year of Biodiversity. The group had a great time, in a lovely spring woodland and produced some truly exceptional images.


'International Year of The Mountain' I was asked to run a photography workshop that would explore the links between poetry and the mountain landscape of the West Highlands. I chose a poem by Norman McCaig and the participants attempted to interpret the physical and political landscape it portrayed, in images, using a digital camera, laptop and inkjet printer.


'Negative Image - Positive Perception' This is a piece of work I devised as an entry for Fotofeis 'The Scottish International Festival of Photography'. The piece was an elaborate photographic montage of portraits of the participants. It was designd to transcend individual disability and collaboratively produce an allegorical 'figure' of huge presence and interest. It resulted in a piece of work 6 feet tall by 4 feet wide, which was exhibited widely and included in the Canon sponsored event 'The Six Continents Fax Linkup' where artwork from every continent was sent electronically to a central venue. Our work was described in the press as being "the most overpowering and thought-provoking" of all the entries received.


'International Year of Fresh Water' I was asked to run an SNH sponsored photography event for a community group in the West Highlands, using digital technology to explore the significance of fresh water. The event was run over a weekend and focused on rainfall, burns, rivers and lochs and attempted to explore the spiritual significance of water to us.


'Ballachulish Documentary Photography Project' This was a year-long project I supervised in a small coastal community in the Highlands, enabling local residents to record life in their village. Several people, including some 14 and 15 year olds worked exceptionally hard, producing a solid body of really impressive and creative work that was proudly exhibited in the Ballachulish Village Hall.


'Isle Martin Community Trust' I visited Isle Martin near Ullapool to take photographs for the book 'Unknown Hebrides'. I always try wherever possible to make such visits of some value to local communities, and arrangedto be accompanied by several pupils from Ullapool High School. I loaned them cameras and film and supported them to photograph the island to generate material for an island Interpretive & Visitor Centre which the Community Trust hope to create. It was a lovely creative weekend, where I obtained some much-needed images for my book, and the 'students' obtained some splendid images for the Community Trust's use. The work they produced on medium-format Velvia film was superb. They decided to have it professionally printed and displayed in a public exhibition in Ullapool, which attracted considerable acclaim. .